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astra -> PSP Go pre-orders start at £229.99. (6/5/2009 6:40:15 AM)

Video games retailers Game and Gamestation have put the upcoming PSP Go up for pre-order. The price: £229.99.

When Sony made the final and official PSP Go announcement, a couple of prices were mentioned: $249 for the US, €249 for Europe. It wouldn't have been too surprising if the UK was lumbered with a £249 price tag as well, seeing as that's how many technology companies like to treat the pounds-dollar exchange rate.

However, Kaz Hirai's PSP Go announcement clearly stated that the new console would retail for the same price as the original PSP-1000 did back when it first hit the shelves in 2005. So we were keeping our fingers crossed for something nearer that original £179 mark, which would have been a very generous price for the diminutive handheld.

In fact, for a brief moment, both Game and Gamestation had put the £179 price on their pre-order, but that has since been updated to £229. Sony has yet to confirm its UK pricing, but it looks like it may have a quiet word with the retailers.

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