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PeterPan -> Who makes which burner?Which are rebadged? (12/6/2008 1:25:08 PM)

I heard that Sony Dru-840A is a Samsung drive.
Benq writers are rebadged Philips?
Also heard that Philips's dvd writers are Samsung writers?
Did Liteon buy Benq's optical drive business?
What about Ts-St-Corp?Are Toshiba and Samsung really making their writers collectively or does it only Samsung which make them?

What about others?
Which companies make their own drives,and which are based on which(rebadged)?


SithTracy -> RE: Who makes which burner?Which are rebadged? (12/7/2008 6:07:05 PM)

Don't keep tabs on who makes what anymore, but I don't think Sony makes their own anything... ok, probably extreme to say that... (They bought Minolta to compete in the DSLR market, but I think they make the CMOS sensors in them and they invented Blu-ray... YAWN!!!)

BenQ is not a ODD player anymore, but when they were they made their drives... using Philips Nexperia chips... and they were damn fine.  Still have a DW1640 running on my wife and kids PC.  LITEON did indeed buy BenQ's ODD business... so the BenQ name is mud now.

With TSST, Samsung is making the drives using MediaTek chipset... same chips LITEON puts in their drives, though I think Samsungs drives produce a better quality burn.

Samsung, Pioneer, LG, LITEON, and Optiarc (NEC/Sony) are about the only players in ODD these days.  Plextor bowed out and put out someone elses drive with their name... Can't keep track of it, but the latest they use are LITEON's.

PeterPan -> RE: Who makes which burner?Which are rebadged? (12/12/2008 12:21:48 PM)

Thanks for your answer.

What about Aopen ,Panasonic and Philips?From your answer they seem like rebadgeds too..

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