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HydraHeaded -> Best way to burn photos on DVD? (7/22/2008 10:06:21 PM)


When we add images in Nero (I don't know about other apps), it takes a very long time, since there are a large number of files; with a video file, it doesn't take any time. Then, during the burn process also, it takes up more time. I have tried burning photos only once: I decided that one folder with some 5000 photos would not be good, so I started making 100 MB folders, with varying number of photos; then I got tired and started making two and three hundred MB photos. Finally, I burned a 200 MB folder first, and it went smootly, so then I added 2.5 GBs, and started the burn (on a 4.4 GB disk), and it took a very long time, and then Nero stopped responding - at the point where it says writing short burn out (or whatever, at the end), it clogged up, and there was no activity from the DVD drive, the light wasn't blinking, but the hard disk light was going on furiously, and the Nero dialog box was showing not responding with the mouse cursor changing to 'wait' (sandbox) when taken upon it. Finally, after almost fifteen minutes, it threw out the disc, and gave the message that the burn process was successfully over. When I opened the disc, everything was there, but when I started Nero again to fill in the rest of the disc, and went to add files, it showed the disc as empty, that there were no files in it. I still have the disc; I can open and view the files, but if I try to run it in Nero, it shows the disc as empty.

So my question is, is there any particular method that has to be followed when burning photos, or small files (like saved webpages, where the "_files" folder has a lot of small files)? One option was to make 500 MB .rar archives, but if over a period of time, the archive becomes corrupt, all the photos in it are lost, right?

And are there alternatives to Nero - there are a lot of them probably, but do they have anything special, or do all burning softwares do pretty much the same thing? I have been burning data discs with Nero all this time, and there has never been any problem.

And yes, is it true that it is better to burn the disc as few times as possible, because there is some sector from which it picks up info when it is run, and burning too many times fills up that sector? And what about burn speed, does it matter as far as preserving the disc for long term use is concerned?


SithTracy -> RE: Best way to burn photos on DVD? (7/22/2008 11:20:37 PM)

Iso Image?  That is what I do... never had any problems.  ImgBurn works for me.  Gave up on Nero... But I'll tell you what... It's okay to burn your photos to DVD, but you will need another backup.  I'm not impressed with DVD recordable media after time.  Zenfolio is where you need to store your pics... $40.00 a year... PM and I'll give you my referal code to save you five bucks on a signup.  Love the presentaion on the site and it's another alternative for backups.

HydraHeaded -> RE: Best way to burn photos on DVD? (7/23/2008 7:40:02 AM)

Maybe an ISO image would be a good option, but suppose some part of the DVD got scratched, or some of the ISO info got lost, then the whole data is lost, isn't it?

And the images I want to store are not family pics or anything: they are images of nature, and actresses, and puppies, and such stuff, and if I lose them, I can always get them back from the net, though of course not all images, since I don't know where I got all these images from. They are just for casual viewing; Zenfolio is for serious stuff.

I never mess with the burn speed, I let Nero do its default work; it takes about twenty fifteen minutes to burn an entire DVD ( <not so sure about the time). Is it better to burn the whole four GBs at one go, or in two or three sessions?

Thanks a lot.

SithTracy -> RE: Best way to burn photos on DVD? (7/23/2008 6:44:26 PM)

If you properly store the DVD and are careful with it, it should not get scratched.  Store the ISO image on another hard drive.  Personally Zenfolio is worth the investment... and you can mark your galleries and collections private:

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