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crashbug -> installing OS to new harddrive (6/7/2008 10:57:13 PM)

my computer crashed ( we had a power spike adn my computer never recovered), lost my harddrive data. So i bought a new one. I installed the harddrive into the case, hooked the wires back up the way they were before. Started up the computer, but I get nothing on screen. just black. I put the XP disc in the drive, but that had no reaction to the computer at all. I was wondering if anyone new what I was doing wrong. I'm not very techie, I'm an artist. hehe

thanks to anyone who helps, I appriecate it.


SithTracy -> RE: installing OS to new harddrive (6/8/2008 9:27:53 AM)

IDE based hard drive or SATA?  If it is IDE, are the jumpers on the drive set for what you need.  I'm guessing a single hard drive, drive would need to be set to the master or single mode.  There is probably a diagram on the drive or in the documentation.  Is your CD-ROM drive set as bootable in the bios? Is your WinXP drive an OEM, full version, or upgrade disc?

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