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Aeterna -> Potential problem with burner (5/6/2008 1:17:26 PM)

I'm noticing the beginnings of a problem I had before with an old burner. With my old burner, the first issue I noticed was that when I'd import a CD onto my computer, it began to slow down to a snail's pace toward the end of the CD, often resulting in a few choppy-sounding tracks. Eventually, it became impossible to import the last few songs on any CD, and then the drive died. When I went to get it replaced, I found that my drive had taken out a bit of the computer with it when it died, so if I wanted a new drive, it would have to be external.

So finally, I got a new external drive (hooks up through USB), and since I've had to go a while without importing any CDs, I've been doing a lot of it (I got a 100 CD set of symphonies between when the old drive died and when I got this new one, so yeah). I've imported maybe 30 CDs or so, and I'm starting to notice it slowing down at the end of each CD again. Does anyone have an idea what the deal is? Is it my computer, or did I just have the misfortune to buy two crappy drives in a row?

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