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killalot57 -> Horrible Scary Message (4/24/2008 10:21:22 PM)

There I was just minding my own business puting music on my mp3 player when I tried to open my "My computer" folder and this terrible cryptic message came up...

In case you cant see the picture it said the followng...

Explorer.exe - Applcation Error
The instruction at "0x77c2a57f" referenced memory at "0x00000c6c". The memory could not be "written".

Click on OK to terminate the program                  (Okay Button)

I scanned my entire computer with avg anti spyware and found nothing... I'm gonna try memtest86


killalot57 -> RE: Horrible Scary Message (4/25/2008 2:41:27 AM)

It Happend again!!! this time firfox wasn't woeking very well so I used Internet Explorer and it quit on me and said this...


MP3Mogul -> RE: Horrible Scary Message (4/25/2008 7:09:16 AM)

This is not a virus, nor is it spyware.

You have damaged some of the windows operating system files.

I would try to either restore to an earlier time, or reinstall windows.

killalot57 -> RE: Horrible Scary Message (4/25/2008 10:24:04 PM)

oh....um.... so would I probably shouldn't bother posting the other ones then.... they're the same.... I thought it was a virus because I was tinkering around with AVG and I thought something might of slipped though.... Also My brother catches like a million freaking viruses everyday! And I have to let him stay on my computer or else my mom will yell at me!!!

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