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guddu -> DVD+RW (3/17/2008 10:51:17 AM)

Hello friends,
I have baught the DVD+RW of moserbaer company on some months ago(9 months) when i baught it i write some movies on it. Then uptil now i don't used it. now today i want to write it but my nero7 will not erase its data. Says that it is DVD+R.
So, what to do?

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SithTracy -> RE: DVD+RW (3/17/2008 11:42:57 AM)

Download ImgBurn (free) and see if it will erase it for you.

guddu -> RE: DVD+RW (3/18/2008 11:01:52 AM)

Respected Sir,

I have download the imageburn software but in this software there is no option to erase the data of DVD.

Then what i to do?

Because i have use this DVD+RW only one time

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SithTracy -> RE: DVD+RW (3/18/2008 12:58:45 PM)

Sure you can... from the Menu bar, select "Tools", "Drive", "Erase Disc"... you have the option of "Quick" or "Full".  If Drive is greyed out, just select one of the options from the Ez-Mode Picker.

guddu -> RE: DVD+RW (3/26/2008 4:42:19 AM)

hello sir,

i will try to erase the data by imagburn as you say but the I/O error is comes during the erasing of my dvd by imgburn

so, what can i do later?

reply me

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