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bigmike20vt -> HDDVD support on BR drives. (3/14/2008 11:38:31 PM)


1st post here in a long time - i used to have an account many moons ago :)

with HD DVD now dying i have just get my a 360 HD with 6 films for £35 and have since bagged another 10

the theory is, when blu-ray / HDDVD multi drives come down in price in a year or so i will get one of those and have all bases covered in my media pc (which will by then have the horsepower for HD)

i know no one has a crystal ball, however was wondering, with HD DVD now officially dead, do you guys think there is a chance the muli drives will cease to exist?

i would be gutted to wait 18 months only to find out you can no longer get a combo drive, or, do you think that they will keep the support in there for that very reason?

Maybe there are some people in the industry on here who can make a more educated guess than myself :)



MP3Mogul -> RE: HDDVD support on BR drives. (3/15/2008 8:55:22 AM)

Well, interesting enough yesterday, I read that HD-DVD is not a dead format.

While it is true, that bollywood has chosen the more expensive and more protected BluRay format, HD-DVD is alive and well for the current moment, just not as a movie player.

I guess we'll have to wait and see in the long run what happens.

Tony Veglis -> RE: HDDVD support on BR drives. (4/9/2008 1:23:51 PM)

As you realize industry has chosen to go the difficult way and support the Blu-ray over HD DVD.
HD DVD may survive in Bollywood but I am sure that noboby except Indians care about it..

If Chinese hardware makers manage to offer cheap HD players based on their own format - which is based on HD DVD - anytime soon,  then we may be able to say that HD DVD is still some kind alive.

Regarding multi drives, LG has already lowered the price of its BD/HD DVD drives, so did I-O Data. I expect a further reduction soon in order to claen the shelves. But I don't think that they will release more HD/BD drives in the future.

Why don't you buy a cheap BD-ROM drive for your HTPC? Liteon and pioneer offer them for $150.

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