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killalot57 -> Hopelessly Uploadless (3/9/2008 4:43:05 AM)

I can't upload anything, it's hopeless, just shoot me. Okay heres whats happening...
1. I've been waiting for a video to upload to youtube, for like half an hour, it's avi format...
2. I tried posting to a website and i can't do it "does that count as uploading?"
3.everything else if fine and dandy...
4. besides everything else I can't upload pics to my posts here, "I know theres a limit it dosen't work anyway"

SithTracy -> RE: Hopelessly Uploadless (3/9/2008 9:37:28 AM)

Never have done it, but perhaps you could start with the YouTube Help Center.

killalot57 -> RE: Hopelessly Uploadless (3/9/2008 9:07:34 PM)

It's okay, I figured out what was wrong and it was all my fault... first of all, the video was actually about 400MBs despite how it was only 2 min long, so I remade it smaller and it worked, as for the post it just took a few minutes cause the sites server was acting up, thanks anyway

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