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killalot57 -> WMP trouble (2/11/2008 1:44:15 AM)

Hello, I have another problem "what else is new", Windows Media player, and my other "media players" have only been displaying videos in black and white, I've gone through hundreds of codecs, and fiddled around with dozens of preferences, and I can't seem to find the problem, so I'm seeking help from the masters, any suggestions?

SithTracy -> RE: WMP trouble (2/11/2008 7:23:03 AM)

Try uninstalling your video drivers and downloading and installing the latest for your video card.

killalot57 -> RE: WMP trouble (2/12/2008 12:55:20 AM)

Why didn't I think of that?!?! Okay, I'll do that even though I don't know how, If I really can't figure it out then I ask for help tomorrow or in a few days.
"this is my favorite type of help because I understand it and I might learn something doing it"

killalot57 -> RE: WMP trouble (2/12/2008 2:33:33 AM)

Okay, heres a big update first of all i figured out the exact thing to download, its at


But there is a problem, as far as uninstalling my video driver before I install the thingy, all I found in the control panel was to uninstall all of my NVIDIA drivers at once, not just the video ones. So Heres a list of all my programs, I made a pic at this link...


do you see anything that I should remove?

It may not be necessary to uninstall anything, because i installed it anyway and everything works fine with a few exception....

Okay I can't play avi or mpeg files, I already had this problem i  just  hadn't mentioned it. Hope thats not a bad thing.... Anway, whenever i try to play an .avi, or .mpeg file it just says "Windows Media Player encountered a problem while playing the file. For additional assistance, click Web Help." Also in case it's important i notice it says aquiring codec, then codec aquired in the bottom left hand corner before the message pops up.

SithTracy -> RE: WMP trouble (2/12/2008 7:00:14 AM)

Just un-install the video drivers from the nVidia panel (the rest should remain)... After you uninstall, you'll have to reboot.  Then you can install the latest drivers.  As far as your software, if you are not using Packet writing, I would get rid of the PC cancer known as InCD.

killalot57 -> RE: WMP trouble (2/12/2008 7:01:31 AM)

Okee dokee

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