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woodtogo -> nero 6 to burn dvds (2/6/2008 8:22:00 AM)

I have Nero 6 and  it does not burn dvd's.  What version do I need ?  Thanks


SithTracy -> RE: nero 6 to burn dvds (2/6/2008 9:47:37 AM)

What is your drive model and firmware version?  Also, what kind of media (brand and type) are you trying to burn to?  Nero 6 can burn recordable DVD media.

woodtogo -> RE: nero 6 to burn dvds (2/11/2008 1:22:58 PM)

sorry I found the button, duh?????   some kind of sutpid, huh.  but that brings me to another question.  I have burned a couple of cds and tried them on my brothers machine and they freeze his pc.  they work fine on mine.  I don't thing me and this nero are going to be friends.....

SithTracy -> RE: nero 6 to burn dvds (2/11/2008 7:03:44 PM)

Try burning to some Verbatim and Taiyo Yuden media and make sure you close the audio discs... pretty sure they will play just about anywhere if you use quality media.... unless your brothers drive is old or damaged.

woodtogo -> RE: nero 6 to burn dvds (2/11/2008 7:42:17 PM)

So you think I need to buy other media?   I used Roxio before this and burned any cd-r I could find.  I will try other media, but still don't think this Nero and me are going to get along.  I wish i could reinstall my Roxio back again....... -> RE: nero 6 to burn dvds (9/14/2013 2:53:38 AM)

Hi Coonsanders... you may want to try the Nero Clean Tool to remove all instances of older Nero products before installing a new version. Not a Nero user anymore myself, but that info should help get you clean and ready to do a newer release install.

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