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FunkyRes -> Linux Firmware (1/16/2008 7:12:00 AM)

I have a Sony DW-D22A which I understand is OEM packaging of Sony DRU-710A which I understand is really a Lite-On drive.

I run Linux (CentOS 5.1) and only Linux, I do not own a copy of Windows.

Anywhoo - it works extremely well, but I ran out of the DVD-R discs I was using and bought a new spindle. Will not work. After investigating, apparently I need to upgrade the firmware.

It looks like Sony has *never* released firmware for the DW-22A but that people with that drive have been able to install the firmware updates for DRU-710A.

Problem is - the DRU-710A firmware update requires Microsoft Windows. You can't put it on a DOS boot floppy.

Is there a Linux solution for updating the firmware on this thing?
I don't care if it is "official" firmware or not - as long as it allows my drive to burn the current DVD-R media on the market (what I bought were TDK 16x DVD-R)


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