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funkyblue -> Finding a good drive (It's impossible) (1/1/2008 7:42:36 PM)

Hey All,

I've been trying to find a new drive and ended up just replacing my Plextor 40-TS SCSI drive only to find C2 is not supported in dBpoweramp's CD ripper.

Is there an CD-ROM/DVD-ROM/CD/DVD BURNER available that can:

-Overread into lead in/out
-Has accurate C2
-No cache
-Reasonably fast.

I have a PX-230A drive which I know has been tested as great for reading CD's, yet it does not read into the leadin/out. (A feature I want)

I just don't understand why a manufacture does not make a simple reader that has these features.

I have seen but there is nothing there that is a recent drive.

If anyone knows a recent drive that would be great [image][/image]


SithTracy -> RE: Finding a good drive (It's impossible) (1/1/2008 10:04:39 PM)

I am pretty happy with the Samsung SH-S203B (SATA) drive...  It reads HTOA and has accurate C2.  Zebabee may be able to provide more detail if he pops in... if not, check out his forum at

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