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killalot57 -> Need "Mac os X" help! (12/15/2007 5:11:30 AM)

I have a macos X computer and I want to install programs but i don't have administrator rights. Before I ask let me make it clear that I have no bad intentions and that I only wish to install a few innocent programs. I'd like to know how to "hack" or something on a mac to give myself addministative rights, kinda like how you access a system account on a PC. I'd also like to state that I am very competent, but the administrator "my cousin" underestimates my ability for no reason. Can anyone help?

SithTracy -> RE: Need "Mac os X" help! (12/15/2007 7:55:34 AM)

Sorry... not a Mac user... I don't think you will find many here, but I could be surprised.  I got a friend that has one... not 100%, but I think the mac OS kina works like a *nix behind all that pretty gui.  Really never considered them more than a toy... not gonna lie though, considered getting one for ease in my creativity hobbies (photo and video editing).  Always end up building a new PC though... I enjoy doing that and a mac is just a buy and use approach.  I expect it works for some.

killalot57 -> RE: Need "Mac os X" help! (12/15/2007 9:46:57 PM)

P.S. I don't like macs very much either

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