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Lawrence Tan -> Problem with Ricoh MP9120 (8/29/2001 7:55:47 AM)

I have a Ricoh MP 9120 drive, and I tried to update the firmware a while back. The firmware update was for the Ricoh MP9120A drive, but I'm not sure if there's a difference between the two models. Could anyone enlighten me on this point.

Also, the firmware upgrade was unsuccessful, as the computer hung immediately when the start button was pressed in the update program. Recently, I've been having problems with burning CDRs with the drive, and it appears the writer cannot write a TOC to a cd anymore, so I cannot even burn audio cds with the drive, only data cds. Any advice on this matter?

Thanks in advance

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john -> RE: Problem with Ricoh MP9120 (8/29/2001 9:00:42 AM)

Try disable DMA and perform firmware upgrade again.

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Lawrence Tan -> RE: Problem with Ricoh MP9120 (9/2/2001 11:01:20 PM)

Disabling DMA helped, and I managed to update my firmware. Thanks.

However, I'm still having problems burning audio cds with Nero. When I use the Adaptec plugin that comes with media player 7.1 to burn audio cds, it works, but it cuts off the last 2 seconds of audio from each track. Also, when I use Nero to burn data cds, the burner cannot read the cd, as it cannot read the TOC, but when I use the cd on any other computer, it can be read. Any solutions? Thanks.

john -> RE: Problem with Ricoh MP9120 (9/2/2001 11:14:38 PM)

Ricoh MP9120A performance is very bad even with latest firmware as so many people have reported!

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Lawrence Tan -> RE: Problem with Ricoh MP9120 (9/2/2001 11:36:01 PM)

The problem is that the drive worked fine at first, then recently, it has been giving problems... so I'm not too sure what exactly happened.

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