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groston -> Burning a large DVD file (11/11/2007 12:06:58 PM)


This question probably has an easy answer, but I have not figured it out.

I have a large mpg file (about 6.5 GB) that I would like to burn to a DVD using Nero 6.6 and a DVD +R DL. When I tried doing this, a message appeared saying that the file was too large for the file system and to use UDF.

So, my two questions are:
1) What setting(s) should be modified to allow me to burn the DVD?
2) Is there a way to burn the DVD such that it will play when inserted into a non-computer DVD machine?

Thank you.

SithTracy -> RE: Burning a large DVD file (11/11/2007 1:23:35 PM)

I don't think you can't really "layer break" a single file... But I don't trust Nero for burning DL media from files... You should give ImgBurn a look...  Perhaps you can make an ISO of it first and burn it with ImgBurn... also, ImgBurn is free.

If you want to convert that File to DVD Video format... If you have the full Nero Suite, you can try NeroVision... Or try VSO ConvertXtoDVD (costs about $40)... and while I have never tried it (yet), the free/open source DVD Flick may do the trick.

groston -> RE: Burning a large DVD file (11/11/2007 3:18:07 PM)

SithTtacy - Thanks for the prompt reply. Nero VisionExpress is doing its thing as we speak.

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