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aristein -> complile video in one DVD (10/25/2007 10:47:47 PM)

Dear all

I have a few episodes of movies (episode 1 to 5), is it possible for me to complile these episodes in one DVD with menus as you would see in those normal DVD movies?  I am using Nero 8, can nero do it?   If yes which option should i choose? 

SithTracy -> RE: complile video in one DVD (10/26/2007 9:11:36 AM)

You probably want to try Nero Recode to compress the movie to DVD-5... Assuming it is not a protected movie... if it is you will need to remove the encryption with AnyDVD or DVDFab.

I can't offer much help on Recode since I don't use Nero anymore.

salman871 -> RE: complile video in one DVD (10/29/2007 12:37:23 PM)

well u cant burn more that 120 mins of video on a DVD5..
first chk the total lenght of the videos[]episodes then add then nero will encode them to required format and there is option to ad menus etcc....

MP3Mogul -> RE: complile video in one DVD (10/29/2007 7:53:17 PM)

That's not true... I have burned 2 hours 43 minutes on a single layer dvd that's 163 minutes.  This was done with DVD Shrink.

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