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Thesos -> RPC2 region protection Lite-on 163 (11/7/2001 3:04:46 AM)

Does anybody know how to bypass the RPC2 region protection which are on both Lite-on 163 & Toshiba 1612. I have tried DVD Region Killer but it is a software utility and it says that it wont work with RPC2 protection. And as i understand the RPC2 protection is in the hardware.

Does anybody know anything about it please help cause i have a lot of both Code 1 & 2 movies.

By the way the Lite-on rocks with a totally wild DAE!!!!!

digi -> RE: RPC2 region protection Lite-on 163 (11/7/2001 6:02:42 AM)

The Lite-On can be made region-free, look here:


It works with firmware GH4F GH4S GH4W .

As for the Tosh 1612, I'm afraid not, it's possible that this drive is NOT FLASHABLE.

best regards,
new member my foot

Thesos -> RE: RPC2 region protection Lite-on 163 (11/7/2001 6:26:17 AM)

Thank you so much Digi

You just made my day.

I'll go try it right away


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