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apaleador -> dvd won't read (7/3/2007 5:07:15 AM)

My DVD burner is an I/O Magic.

I have used it many times without problems. Only had it for a year. But now it won't read burned DVD's. It reads my originals just fine. It also reads my CD's, games on DVD and CD, recorded music CD's and everything else. But for some reason it won't read my back up DVD's that I have burned. My home DVD player reads them just fine. When I put in the burned DVD and click on properties it reads "0 free space - 0 used space". When I use the software PowerDVD 5 I get an error " unsupported format in drive E"

I have been using RipIt4Me, DVD Decrypter and DVD Shrink.
My operating system is windows xp w/ service pack 2

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