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men8ifr -> What media recommendation for Pioneer 110DBK please (6/27/2007 7:38:21 PM)

Hi - I need to get some blank DVD's maybe some DVD RW, CDR and CD RW. Until now I have been using non branded silver CD's which obviously stop working after a while. There is a comprehensive review on this site but I cannot fathom which media is best since I thought the quality graphs showed lower is better (less errors) but in a summary of the firmware upgrade for the drive what I thought was best CMC Magnetics 16X DVD-R @ 16X  was singled out as being dissapointing in the summary.Also any recommendations for a simple CD/DVD quality  checking tool so I can compate media. Thanks 

SithTracy -> RE: What media recommendation for Pioneer 110DBK please (6/27/2007 8:36:32 PM)

Fixed your bold[image]http://www.cdrinfo.com/forum/image/s2.gif[/image]...

CD-R Media for a Pioneer... Taiyo Yuden (i.e. Maxell CD-R Pro) or Verbatim DataLife Plus
DVD-R media for a Pioneer... Taiyo Yuden... I have a 212D and am not too pleased with my latest batch of Verbatim DVD-R media.

I don't but RW media, perhaps someone else can comment on that.

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