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ncsa -> UDF File Capacity on DVD-R (6/5/2007 10:30:22 PM)


I realise that this is a very old subject but I been trying to find answers or at least some fundamental understanding of this file system, as I am somewhat confused.  I have to use UDF 1.5 for an application which writes out .wav files to a DVD-R media from a MS 2003 server.

From what I understand UDF 1.5 when writing to a write-once media does the following:
  • UDF allows for 1 file to be the max size of the media to be used, in this case 4.3Gb
  • There is minimal waste of disc space due to the packet allocation
  • Initially allocates space for the TOC, in this case a finalised DVD has only 1 track and 1 session
  • The Virtual FAT is updated on the host and is then updated to the TOC on actually writing out the data

What I seem unable to find is the Maximun limit of files names that can be stored in the TOC (FAT), is there a limit as there is under MS DOS FAT/FAT32/NTFS, is there a limit?

I have been able to write DVDs which contain 60-80,000 files but get errors when trying to write 100,000 files .. so suspect that there must be some limit.

Thanks in advance.

SithTracy -> RE: UDF File Capacity on DVD-R (6/6/2007 9:15:07 PM)

This table might help you out.

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