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kamigohan -> Nero he11 (4/29/2007 9:56:27 PM)

Hey guys, I have been so frustrated for over a month now.. first with Vista (and getting rid of my old XP machine) and now with my Nero. I went and purchased the Enhanced version and have a problem. Now I'm not sure if it's Nero or my stupid Vista machine and it's lack of codecs but every time I try to compile a DVD made up of avis the audio lags the video. It's annoying and already through experiments I've wasted about 10 dvds...
Now recently I simply tried playing the avis by themselves and realized there was a codec issue.. I downloaded the Combined Community Codec Pack and they play perfectly... -But- The ffdshow or whatever it is doesnt load when Nero compiles which results in lagged dvds...

Can anyone help me straighten out this issue? I am getting so bent out of shape trying to find a solution. Nothing seems to work and Nero's tech support isnt responding to my emails.

Thanks a lot

dazant8477 -> RE: Nero he11 (4/30/2007 7:53:09 AM)


Sorry but your problem sounds all to familar, I built a new machine with Vista & installed Nero, the lag on DVD's was always there, even with my old XP machine. Most DVD's also had a jolted display when playing back, I must have trashed a whole spindle trying different settings.

The solution i've implemented was to only use Nero for Data & Music. I bought ConvertXtoDVD for Video's, it works superbly well, why not give it a try?

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