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darebel -> Problems burning some DVD-r (3/17/2007 1:10:46 PM)

I have had this problem for some time now. I have the verbatim 16x Printable and they worked fine. Then I bought a new batch but now I cannot even write on them. I tried to buy the ones with the normal surface but still the same, no luck. The one day I saw in the shop the printable and I noticed that on time have no text at all and the other have a small text next to the whole in the disk. The funny part is if I get the ones with out text then I can burn them. All other verbatim just wont work.

Now I have done a complet upgrade of my computer with new burner, hardware, but it still dont work. I now have a standalone LG SuperMulti DVD Rewriter. But still the same. Please help!

SithTracy -> RE: Problems burning some DVD-r (3/17/2007 11:44:17 PM)

What is the media ID of the Verbatim discs?

mcstylist -> RE: Problems burning some DVD-r (3/18/2007 6:45:17 PM)

Reported to be found in the US more so than in europe. Verbatim had a few bad batches of media. Reportedly on DVD-R 16x stuff media ID MCC03RG20, what is usually a very good media.

The bad batches are suposed to read PAP6******   on the inner hub somewhere. But i have spoken to some who have this stated batch and get reasonable results. ??? Just thought you should know. Check your code on the discs. [;)]

darebel -> RE: Problems burning some DVD-r (3/31/2007 12:09:10 AM)

Well I am using the Verbatim 16x with the media code MCC 03RG20. It is really weird. I am running with my LG Multi Burner HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GSA-E10L. Last week I updated again the firm ware and got it up an running. Burn about 25 disc without any problems. But today again it happend, get errors when ever I wanna burn (No Seek Completed). I tried to take the burner and the disc to a friend of mine and guess what, there it works flawlessly. I have tried with a clean instalation of windows XP but still the same problem. I have tried to take out hardware so that I have only one HD, my graphic card, but still the same.

Weird part is that now I got 3 disc of a brand called Premium Media from my friend and I have been able to burn on these!.

Anyone that can help me please?!?

SithTracy -> RE: Problems burning some DVD-r (3/31/2007 10:06:31 AM)

What are the specs on your system?  Motherboard/chipset/CPU/RAM Installed etc....  What virus scanner are you using?  Turn it off while burning (especially if it is McAfee crap).  Defrag your hard drive and clear your %temp% folder.... Most importantly run Memtest86+ on your rig to make sure your memory is not a problem.  What app are you burning with?

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