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reddy_kilowatt -> DVD Authoring Help (3/7/2007 6:10:21 PM)

I have a professionally produced DVD.  It was made for me.  It is not copy protected.  I would like to distribute it to my customers and need to package it like commerical dvd movies with a title page. I would also have a slide show of product pictures as well.  I need software solutions to my problem.  I used a product that came with a DVD Drive. It was very limited and I need more than it could offer. 
As a side note could it  be possible to add other content (PDF's) to the Disk as well?   This is not as important as the Menuing is.

SithTracy -> RE: DVD Authoring Help (3/8/2007 12:46:42 AM)

I've never recorded sessions to DVD-Video, but I imagine it can be done... Heck commercially they put that Intervideo crap on discs.  Would help to know what you tried to use to rip your disc and try to copy it... for a direct clone, I would suggest ImgBurn (I seem to do that a lot... must be a damn good program).  For the session disc... tough one... Long ago, I used a program called Padus DiscJuggler that did an outstanding job creating custom content CD's... It has been revamped to work with DVD's, but I have not used it... Might be worth a try for updating the content.

For making the inlays and things... I don't know... I'm "Mr. $1.47 Sanford Sharpie"... Avery has some software for labels or CD in-lays... think the software is free, but they get you on the cost of the stock.  A little Googling might get you a long way on that... Nero and Roxio have that kind of stuff too... Never used it.

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