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SithTracy -> You're take on Vista... (2/4/2007 12:08:15 PM)

Some of you have upgraded... I'm struggling with the move, especially since I am about to put together a new system.  I'd like to know what issues you have found with Vista and what works.  I asked MP3Mogul the question in another unrelated thread, but feel the Vista topic needs a place of its own.

I'd like to hear your thoughts on Vista.



Zebadee -> RE: You're take on Vista... (2/4/2007 7:10:28 PM)

Hi [:)]
Did a clean install a matter of hours ago. Will keep you posted (if I remember).[:D]Always check here
Two threads might be of interest.

MP3Mogul -> RE: You're take on Vista... (2/5/2007 5:32:13 AM)

Biggest problem I have is that my printer (Lexmark X7350) has not released Vista drivers yet, but it says coming this month.

cadoo -> RE: You're take on Vista... (2/5/2007 7:13:29 AM)

Hi all. Installed it yesterday night. First impression was that I finally find what I need.
Then I started to install drivers, first nvidia driver for my graphic card. Everything went well but there is some slowdowns when system restarted again. It's not final driver from nvidia and that's maybe causing problems.

Drivers for Creative Live! 24bit installed ok too. There is no options like in XP, EAX Console, Equalizer...etc...just plain volume control. Don't like that.

Installed a bunch of other programs. Some was working straight after installation, but some doesn't want to start like 3dsmax. 3dsmax was asking for some directx 9.0c dlls. Installed them too and then started MAX. There is some problems with viewports refreshing. Every viewport is white.

'Cause 3DSMax is one of main programs I use, decided in the morning to go back to XP. Beside this issue, I got a  feeling that everything is slower about 20% than on XP.

Will wait for first SP and then all drivers will be available....maybe...
For now I will stick to my old OS that is working very well.

MP3Mogul -> RE: You're take on Vista... (2/5/2007 9:41:35 AM)

Definately after booting there is a bit of a slow down.  The bootup however is much faster than WinXP.

sp -> RE: You're take on Vista... (2/5/2007 5:23:43 PM)

An important issue for professional users, according to my opinion, is whether Vista is still slower than Win XP in case one makes use of the standard windows desktop.

Is there anyone here able to prove or disprove this based on his own testings?

MP3Mogul -> RE: You're take on Vista... (2/5/2007 6:45:50 PM)

It is "Much" slower once booted due to the graphics by Windows Aero, however this doesn't come with the Home Basic, Only with the products above that.

I disabled it, and running just the basic settings, everything is about the same.

SithTracy -> RE: You're take on Vista... (2/5/2007 7:31:05 PM)

Does Windows Aero require DX10?  Perhaps the slowdown is because your graphics card does not support DX10.  I think it is crazy to spend over $500 on a DX10 card (GeForce 8xxx series).  Does ATI have a DX10 card yet?  Are DX10's backard compatible to DX9?

MP3Mogul -> RE: You're take on Vista... (2/6/2007 6:03:21 AM)

It's not required, but helpful.  I have a 7800 card and it's a bit slow with it.

cadoo -> RE: You're take on Vista... (2/6/2007 7:14:55 AM)

I have nvidia geforce 7300GT. It's working ok with aero. When I was talking about slowdowns I was thinking in general performance.

MP3Mogul -> RE: You're take on Vista... (2/6/2007 7:15:00 PM)

I haven't noticed any general performance slow-downs, everything seems fine in that department.

I'm running a P4, 3.4Ghz with 4GB of RAM, to those who might be wondering about systems.

lbeck -> RE: You're take on Vista... (2/7/2007 10:23:12 AM)

What is meant by "slower"??  Is this only when graphics is refreshed, or is it also slower with process run that don't involve the graphics card?

I'm running Home Premium with Aero activated and like the new interface, but I don't want to pay a penalty in terms of speed of operations.  I do a lot of video editing.  Will things like rendering large video files suffer from Vista/Aero?  My system isn't nearly as robust as MP3Mogal's (3GHz/1GB RAM).

SithTracy -> RE: You're take on Vista... (2/7/2007 10:23:18 AM)

Another question I have for everyone... Did you install 64-bit or 32-bit Vista and why?  I think in general I am hearing about fewer issues with Vista than XP's initial release (I waited for SP1a there).

SithTracy -> RE: You're take on Vista... (2/8/2007 8:41:23 PM)

Looks like Vista is not for me until at least SP1... I am a GnuPG user and it is not supported under Vista and it is not a priority.

sp -> RE: You're take on Vista... (2/9/2007 8:51:36 AM)

Nice thought, since in any case I expect most users will have to acquire new registrations after applying SP1:)))

rokrok -> RE: You're take on Vista... (1/17/2009 12:26:56 PM)

i just installed COD-world at war and the game runs so slow. is this due to Vista64 or my GeForce 7100, or both?

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