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Thunderz2000 -> Ez dUB (1/9/2007 10:45:13 AM)

hI GUYS i have the liteon shw 1635s  dvd burner but the copy of EZ dub supplied dont work. Does anyone know where i can buy or download another copy without having to go thru the rigmaroll of returning it


SithTracy -> RE: Ez dUB (1/9/2007 12:28:47 PM)

You should go directly to LITE-ON and ask.  I am assuming the installation files come on a CD/DVD-ROM.  You can do an Md5sum on the files on your cd and send them to LITE-ON or post them here.  I use GNU Privacy Guard (OpenPGP) to get my file message digest algorithms.  There are other freewares to do it.  The gpg command is:

gpg --print-md md5 filename.ext

It might be helpful for LITE-ON to confirm the data or someone on this forum who actually may have a LITE-ON ext drive and the EZ-DUB software (I don't).

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