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MLB123 -> I Can't Open My Files...Please Help (1/6/2007 11:09:53 PM)

Hi All!
I originally posted this a couple of days ago in the Optical section but thought that it would be okay to place it here too since I'm such a basket case.


Hello All and Happy New Year,

I am not using the original computer (it is gone) that I used to open a Sony CD-RW disk.  I did not have NERO on that machine.  The disk formatted on its own.  I added several files at that time.  They were under the label of "Recipes."

Since then, I am using a completely different computer with Windows2000 as my OS.  It has Nero which I know nothing about.

I've been using the old Sony CD-RW disk to continue writing and saving my material without any problem on this computer. Anytime I would need to find something, I'd do "File" "Open" and I'd click on the line in the drop down menu that said Recipes (D). 

Yesterday I decided to use a brand new Sony CD-RW disk to save different types of files.  I placed the disk in the drawer and Nero popped up and I went through what I thought were the "proper" procedures to format the disk. 

This morning, I placed the original recipe CD in the drawer and clicked File: Open and in the drop down menu I clicked on Recipes(D) as I usually do and opened the file that I wanted to finish.

I save as I go along but this time when I hit save, it gave me an error message that said that I couldn't (I forgot the reason).

Also, now when I go OPEN: File, the drop down menu no longer has it as Recipes(D). Now it says InCD. But when I click on that, it opens a window with a file folder that says FILES and contains nothing but a bunch of html links to READ ME files in different languages.

When I click on properties, it tells me that the disk is full. Full of what? Where are all of my files?

The only place that I can even see the file names is in the Recent History folder. Then if I click on the file, I get an error that says "The drive or network connection that "the name of my document.LNK" refers to is unavailable. Make sure that the disk is properly inserted or the network resource is available and then try again."
You know, a couple of days ago, the disk was almost empty. I have only added a few new recipes since then. There aren't any photos or pictures, just text.

Every single file comes up with this message.

Please help. Thank you.

Then I just posted this today:

Also, when I click on one of those README logo thingy's  this is what it says:


Dear Customer,
You are currently trying to read a disc in the UDF Packetwriting format.
You are seeing this message instead of the contents of the disc because your system currently does not support the UDF format.

To make your System UDF compatible, we have developed a complimentary software tool, the InCD Reader.

To download the latest InCD Reader just visit our website at

Your Nero Team
Which leads me to believe that the information is still on it but that I just can't retrieve it.  I did download the InCD Reader but since I really didn't know how to use it, I deleted it.
Is there any help for me and this treasured disc?  I feel so depressed that soooooo much work seems to have gone bye bye.
Thank you for your help.

SithTracy -> RE: I Can't Open My Files...Please Help (1/6/2007 11:35:47 PM)

I responded to your original post.

MLB123 -> RE: I Can't Open My Files...Please Help (1/6/2007 11:45:35 PM)

Hi Sith...I know, I replied to you.  I was just looking for other places to post the same thing in hopes that there'd be a solution.  You know...the more people, the more answers! (Hopefully [:(])

SithTracy -> RE: I Can't Open My Files...Please Help (1/7/2007 9:40:23 AM)

The original post was sufficient.  Posting in two spots makes it confusing for someone that may search the forum in the future.  The mod of this forum can consider this a duplicate post and lock this thread and perhaps delete it.

I will try to help you in the original thread and anyone else can jump into the conversation.

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