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sonarmark -> Combo DVD will not read CDs anymore (12/17/2006 4:23:32 AM)

My HP laptop is less than a year old, I have a great warranty plan, however, I am in the Navy and will be at sea for months to come.

I am not sure if this is the appropriate place for this post but if anyone has suggestions I would appreaciate it very much. My play the HL-DT-ST DVD-RW GWA-4082N plays and writes DVDs with the best of them. When I insert a CD no matter what format it will not recognize the disk, no error messages just the light falsshing for a while and then it turns off.

My intial thoughts and what I have done so far.

I deleted my drivers for my DVD/CDR and rebooted with no resolve.
I wonder if it could be a registry problem? I am not very good with regedit and usually prefer to not mess with it.
I am considering backing up the autoexec and config sys files and then remove all CD info and try rebooting.
From my searches so far online it seems that I may have to just purchase an external drive and use it.

I hope some one has suggestions, being that this is a relatively new computer and drive I expect there will be many more of these posts or posts like it.

Thanks in advance for whatever assistance you can provide.


SithTracy -> RE: Combo DVD will not read CDs anymore (12/17/2006 4:52:44 AM)

Sounds like a lemon, but you could try updating the firmware to see if you have any luck...  Here is a link to The Firmware Page...  Search around there... looks like there is only one available for your drive.

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