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xpress -> CRX140E (11/3/2001 11:31:06 AM)

I hope somebody might know the answer to this one. My burner is a Sony CRX140E rev 1.0n. Since upgrading to XP I am unable to format 700mb CDRWs using either DirectCD or INCD; though both will happily format 650mb discs and access 700mb ones previously formatted under Win '98. It's not critical but does bug me a lot.

aayee -> RE: CRX140E (11/3/2001 11:09:25 PM)

In XP, InCD wouldn't format those mini CD-RWs(200Mb) too,had to be done in Win98.But reads and write those previously formated disks.This is on a Yamaha CRW8424E.

digi -> RE: CRX140E (11/4/2001 11:34:18 AM)

I do have the same drive, crx140e, but no XP so I don't know if it will help, but I wanted to mention here that there have been 2 firmware upgrade since the 1.0n, the latest being 1.0s.
It might be worth to upgrade to it.
You can find it at the The Firmware Page

Just remember that you will be doing it on your own risk...

So, good luck,

best regards,
new member my foot

TomBilliodeaux -> RE: CRX140E (11/12/2001 1:53:14 PM)

I have a TEAC 516EB and have the same problem with CDRW's that were previously used by other burners----I cannot format the cdrw's in Wxp.
I do not have any new cdrw's yet, but will be trying them to see if that makes a difference.
Used DirectCD (latest edition).

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