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heavyevidence -> I Need Your Help/Advice Please (11/21/2006 7:14:24 PM)

I would like to know what is the best software program for burning and storing audio wav. projects with text. The same program would also need to be able to store and retrieve archived compilations on DVD+R medium. What I do is archive remastered LPs to CDR for personal listening as well as on occasion professionally. I burn the LP via a sound card to the hard drive. Naturally because of a finite amount of hard disc space, they must be archived on disc in order to make room for more and more projects. I do that by transferring the wav.s to a lossless DVD+R disc. I cross catalog my DVDR archives via the "my projects" feature within a free version of Sonic Now that I got with my Dell computer. This way, even after I have long deleted the old wav. files from the hard drive, I can locate specific material, retrieve it and then burn that material to CDR or work with it to better remaster it at a later date.  I am considering two software types currently (Nero & Sonic Now) Are there members here that would recommend these or other software burning packages?

Thanks For Your Help!

SithTracy -> RE: I Need Your Help/Advice Please (11/21/2006 9:28:41 PM)

I'd probably go with Nero for ease of use... Personally for Audio CD work I use Golden Hawk CDRWIN and David Ching's (DCSoft) CDRCue 2004, but it can be overwhelming for some.  You might want to consider archiving your files in FLAC or WavPack... Lossless audio codecs.... to conserve space on your hard discs and get more on your DVD+/-R's

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