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superfall -> burn a bunch of AVI episodes (11/14/2006 8:35:14 AM)

Hi guys, i’m relatively new at this so... please excuse the newbie-ness.
I want to burn a bunch of AVI episodes (of an Anime) onto a DVD+R so it could play on my DVD player.
Now, is this possible at all? If not, is there other possibilities for it to show up on my DVD player?
Please take into consideration that i’d like resonable quality but I have about 200 episodes to burn

babyblue -> RE: burn a bunch of AVI episodes (11/14/2006 8:39:26 AM)

You need an authoring program.
There are many of these ranging from free, almost free, budget, midpriced to seriously overpriced.Such as imtoo dvd creator is not free but very useful.

With 200+ shows, what is the average running time of each one?
And DVD-R will almost certainly be more player friendly than DVD+R discs.

Authoring tools.
Depending on the complexity you need, if making episodic discs I would recommend DVD-Lab Pro 2. It's got a steep-ish learning curve but is cheap for what it does at $250. You would also need an MPEG-2 encoder and a Dolby Digital encoder as well.

Another choice is Adobe's EncoreDVD 2 - this has all the encoding tools built right in, just import the AVI files and off you go.

There are trial versions of both available.

rajeshkumar -> RE: burn a bunch of AVI episodes (11/14/2006 11:22:32 PM)

yes, it is possible now.
but make sure that the episodes you have are encoded with divx or xvid codecs.
as these days almost all of the DVD players are compatible with divx format so there should not be any problem for them to recognize the avi files you have.

why dont you check it yourself, just burn a DVD by any available tool like nero etc.
select the data dvd format and as you write other files just throw your avi files into it. also if you have subtitles throw them also. all you have to do is to burn all these files as a data disc.
and then check this in any of the dvd player.

i have done this myself several times and there is no problem

lisa_8023 -> RE: burn a bunch of AVI episodes (11/15/2006 3:14:04 AM)

If avi files all playable,of course you can burn to dvd.You can convert them together to dvd first,then burn to disc.And check the file size then make sure the disc you need 4.3GB,or 4.7GB,or other.
Besides that,codec is needed.

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