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norma90807 -> Movie Magic Screenwriter CD - Can I do this? (10/14/2006 7:21:05 AM)

[8|] Here's the deal...My sister purchased the Movie Magic Screenwriter CD (Write Brothers, Inc. Windows 4.73.03). 
I tried validating the info she gave me for her, online, so that I could use this program, too...but even after uninstalling the program (as the company says to) and then installing again, and trying to validate, again (so that I can make use of the program without actually having to insert the program cd)...the message text still comes up saying that the their are already too many computers using this program and I am unable to validate. 
Sis was just trying to save this proverbial "starving artist" some big bucks - namely $400 plus smackeroos!
So here's the meat of my question for all of you experts out there in Cyberland --- "Is it possible to somehow copy this cd to a blank set of cd's - or is that too silly to even contemplate?   I foolishly tried to import on I-Tunes and then to burn on a set of cd's ... but "no cigar, there, soldier!"  The import/burn button failed to even make a show.
Well, is there hope for my dillema?  "Thanks in advance!!!"
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alexmacris -> RE: Movie Magic Screenwriter CD - Can I do this? (11/13/2006 7:33:03 AM)

sorry friend, but i haven't understood your problem, can you explain?

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