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xxxkrash_n_burnxxx -> ok I have another serious problem! (10/11/2006 3:08:13 PM)

OK, let me start by saying my computer has totally went crazy on me...first question I have is if you reinstall Windows (XP) would the registry be unchanged? OK another problem I have is that my CD-RW drive still doesnt work (look for my post in optical storage forums) & now my speakers nor my mic. work...please help...I've been working on this stuff for DAYS now....

alexmacris -> RE: ok I have another serious problem! (10/12/2006 6:24:45 AM)

hi friend! What is your exact problem with Windows XP? The registry when updating windows resets, so you have to re-isntall most software

xxxkrash_n_burnxxx -> RE: ok I have another serious problem! (10/12/2006 10:49:25 PM)

Hi, first of all I want to say thanks for even trying to address this issue, ok here's the problem, my CD-RW drive doesnt work (refer to optical storage, CD-RW forum my post is there) & I reinstalled windows TWICE (lol) & still no luck, my speakers & mic doesnt work now, I've tried everything...The plug & play feature worked before for the speakers & also the CD-RW drive when I reinstalled so I have no idea how to fix it now...I've went thru most troubleshooters with microsoft & some other sites...is it possible that something is wrong with my motherboard or sound card...how bout my CD-RW drive...is it retired? I've only had it for a year & burnt less than 200 CD's on it...so is it possible it could be fried already? It worked perfectly up until I got a free trial of Alcohol 120...downloaded it, installed it, & that's when my CD-RW drive went out. I just had burnt a CD on it the day before, worked perfectly so I have no idea what it is...I even got an updated firmware for it on the Lite-On site (my CD-RW drive is a Lite-On SOHR-5238S) & it didnt help...all the drive does is the light blinks twice & then when I go to my computer & look to see if it had recognized the disc it shows me that there isnt a disc in the drive but when I double-click on the drive it brings up an empty folder (doesnt it supposed to say insert a disc?)
if you need anymore info please let me know...& I apologize for this lengthy post

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