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momoaal -> upgrade HP 8100 firmware to X52 ????? (9/4/2006 8:53:54 AM)

Hi  , i'm really new to this firmware tricks...
i have  my HP-8100   .. long time ago ... i just found these threads on the net ...
i really fount it very helping ...... thanks alot for that   [;)]

But ,  i have a little question ...  :

is it possible ... to upgrade  the firmware of HP-8100   to any other firmware that makes it  faster .. a little more ???   like 32x  or 40x ... or  ... 52X 

and what exactly it means by :
Sony CRX-100 firmware   is compatible with HP 8100 ???

is there anyway ... to upgrade my old drive to be faster ....... ??

alexmacris -> RE: upgrade HP 8100 firmware to X52 ????? (9/5/2006 6:40:34 AM)

Hi friend! No that is not possible with such old drive, I suggest to upgrade to a newer and faster model

momoaal -> RE: upgrade HP 8100 firmware to X52 ????? (9/6/2006 3:02:01 AM)

thanks  alex ....
i already  have  LG x52  ...
but ,,  i always loved my HP 8100 ..
and i want to use it on another old P3 computer   , that's why i hoped to use it !
thanks .....

alexmacris -> RE: upgrade HP 8100 firmware to X52 ????? (9/12/2006 5:41:36 AM)

Hi friend! I understand what you mean, old drives that served you so many years are hard to forget, just remove it from your system and let is rest in dust

bugnotme -> RE: upgrade HP 8100 firmware to X52 ????? (9/24/2006 11:07:58 AM)

AFAIK, the only thing you cand do to a HP8100 is to upgrade the firmware to the Sony CRX100E's one to make it support 80 min CDs. I changed the firmware some years ago and it's still working fine (it has been 8 years or so since I bought this recorder!!!).

From http://members.chello.nl/t.zijlstradijkstra/HP8100_10N_HACKED.ZIP
you can download the Sony CRX100E firmware hacked to change the name of the recorder to the original one (HP8100). See the readme file.

At http://www.cdr.cz/rekordery/hp/8100.htm you cand find the HP original firmware and  the Sony one and some additional data about the recorder.

Another thing you cand do is to open the drive and clean its lens for smoother media reading. But there is no miraculous to make it faster.

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