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DrJones -> Silly You Tube Clips (8/28/2006 2:51:01 PM)

I just saw some funny clips on You Tube...

It's funny how the cat get it's exercise and eats at the same time. Also the Vegas video is funny because of the thrillness from the girls. What I don't get is why is this Fash puppet in a box? Was he not to be discovered when goin through security and on the plane or something? I just don't get it.

alexmacris -> RE: Silly You Tube Clips (8/29/2006 5:49:20 AM)

Hi friend! Thanks for your nice links, funny videos, post some more if you have... My favorite videos have to do with cars and strange accidents!

adiadidas -> RE: Silly You Tube Clips (9/27/2006 5:20:28 PM)

Thanks for sharing that

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