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oktobermynd1 -> retrieving burned cd information (8/27/2006 9:00:23 PM)

hi all,

I need your help. I burnt a mp3  cd about a year ago using nero 6 (or nero 5 not sure!) and windows xp. The deal is that I need to find out what the file information is on the cd. Meaning, am I able to retrieve the name of the file, or even the name of the song thats on the cd? Is there a way that windows can retrieve this information, or another app that can do this job? Hope this was as as descriptive as possible since i did not tag the cd when i had burnt it.

thanks for your help, Trev

alexmacris -> RE: retrieving burned cd information (8/29/2006 6:00:35 AM)

Hi friend! What is your exact problem? You are not able to see the filenames? Mp3 files include ID3 tags that give several information about each file, so you view it with a software player, like WinAMP

oktobermynd1 -> RE: retrieving burned cd information (8/29/2006 5:09:06 PM)

Hi Alex, thanks for your response. If you mean  tagging after you burn the cd(you know, when nero has the ability to list the mp3 songs on the cd itself), or tagging the mp3 itself with my musicmatch, then No i didnt do this unfortunately. Its a bit silly, but I really would like to know who this band is on my burnt cd, and I didnt 'tag' the cd when i had the chance on nero. It only shows that on musicmatch, Track 01 by Artist, or unknown on windows media player. Do you know what I mean? The mp3 'file' information (for example    C:Music files/Britney Spears/Britney Spears - 01 - My Name Is Britney.mp3) should be on the cd itself somewhere and have the ability to see it via nero or some other program. I remember that easy cd creator (burner software) had this ability but i dont see it on nero.

Thanks, Trev

adiadidas -> RE: retrieving burned cd information (8/30/2006 8:28:55 AM)

Hello friend
i hope i understood well what you are tryoing to say.
if you playback a song with winamp, while you see the playlist of winamp where you songs are located you can right click a song and choose to see the tag info. Actually i think info support two versions of tag, so for me if its not shown there...then bad luck

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