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lh778 -> NeroVision.exe Application Error (8/1/2006 2:14:16 PM)

hello, I receintly came across an annoying problem with my new nero vision express 4. After it takes 2 hours to transcode and make menues it starts to burn but then when it writes lead in it pops the disc out and says

NeroVision.exe- Application Error
The instruction at "0x00349a8e" referenced memory at "0x015839b0". The memory could not be "read". Please hit ok to terminate program. 

It did this yesterday so then I tried it again and it worked, but now it is doing it again. I have I think the newest version of Nero, I had to clear my older versions out because it was giving me a runtime error, so I then installed the newest version ( Someone please help me. I really need some help. Thanks!

MP3Mogul -> RE: NeroVision.exe Application Error (8/1/2006 7:24:55 PM)

Go to Nero's website, download their clean tools.  Uninstall Nero, run the clean tools, then install the latest version... Hopefully this will resolve your issues.

Also, go to Windows Update and make "sure" you have all the latest updates.

lh778 -> RE: NeroVision.exe Application Error (8/1/2006 10:39:49 PM)

How do I download the latest things form Windows? I have xp. Also Thanks for helping me! This will also help with a runtime error as well?

lh778 -> RE: NeroVision.exe Application Error (8/2/2006 10:19:51 AM)

Also do I have to clean every nero file like Nero, Nero backitup, Burnrights, Mediahome,Recode, Image Drive, neromix. Sorry I just want to be sure before i remove these. I deleted nero vision express and now I am running the cleaning tool. Will this delete all my saved files? Or will they not just be accesible. Thanks!

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