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EyezRed -> Hdloader problem (7/13/2006 1:49:22 PM)

ok im new to this and i dont know what im doing my burned games worked fine until i was playing a gaME and i didnt have enough space on my memory card so i deleted this corrupted file on my memory card and now my hdloader wont work. when i turn my ps2 on it says ps2 keylauncher 0.5.3 and then goes to a screen with all the configured butttons and it says press square for hdloader but when i do the screen freezes and it says something in spanish, Cargando.....No se ha podido ejecutar and has a bunch of numbers and letters next to it. How can i fix this?? i have no clue what im doing!!

alexmacris -> RE: Hdloader problem (7/22/2006 6:12:05 AM)

Hi friend! I also have no idea what you should do to fix this problem, why you don't try to re-install HD loader?

mikeemei -> RE: Hdloader problem (10/6/2006 7:03:19 AM)

If your memory card is corrupted, most likely you'll need to reformat that card and start over again.

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