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suebn -> DVD Reader - recorder recommendations? (7/10/2006 1:40:16 PM)

I am a "newbie" here and hope this is the correct forum to ask my questions without seeming too ignorant!  I have a couple of issues and would appreciate any suggestions.
I received a camcorder for X-mas that uses the small DVD's but have been unable to view any of the movies I have taken.  Whenever I put the DVD in the drive Windows Media Player automatically comes up telling me it can't read video movies. (Duh)
The second issue is, I am trying to copy my mothers DVD's which consist of old family photos, slides and videos.  Any suggestions on which software would be best for this?  I have 2 CD/DVD drives and was hoping to be able to copy from one to the other.  She has a LOT of DVD's!  Thanks for your time!

alexmacris -> RE: DVD Reader - recorder recommendations? (7/22/2006 6:17:31 AM)

Hi friend! I do believe that you should finalize those discs before you can play them at your desktop DVD player, have you tried it? For unprotected DVD material, Nero should be able to do it

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