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Synetech -> ? Discontinued Kodak DVD+R / Need Replacement (7/1/2006 6:16:03 PM)


I began using DVDs last year when VHS became officially extinct (no longer carried in the video stores around here).  I decided to get a recorder for my PC while I was at it because my backups were growing past the point where CDs can hold them.

I purchased a 200 pack of Kodak DVD+R while they were on sale.  It had  a yellow label with a purple photo of a family watching a movie.  They were 8x and made in India.  I later purchased another one which I have not yet opened although it looks almost identical with only the markings on the disc surface being slightly different.

I recently checked to see if Futureshop had another sale on them but they did not even have them listed; neither did Office Depot.  I got worried and checked around today and it seems that Kodak has discontinued making them.  Is this correct?
If so, then what should I get instead?  I only got these because they were a trusted brand name for really cheap (200 for less than $50 CAD.)  I can't buy 100 for $150, that's too much for me; I'm looking for deals like that one.  I also can't buy from any old place, I need it to be available from a place like Futureshop or Office Depot or something where I can get them directly or go in and make a scene if what arrives in the mail is bad (it's happened with both 200 packs.)  I'm in Southwestern Ontario (Canada).

Thanks a lot.

alexmacris -> RE: ? Discontinued Kodak DVD+R / Need Replacement (7/5/2006 6:01:35 AM)

Hi friend! You can find alternative media to use instead of the KODAK media you mention. I haven't used them, but you can find great deals over internet

Synetech -> RE: ? Discontinued Kodak DVD+R / Need Replacement (7/5/2006 11:57:09 PM)

Thanks but I don't trust online shopping unless there's a store I can take it to if there's any problems because the pack of DVDs I bought from Futureshop's website arrived all smashed up.  [>:]

alexmacris -> RE: ? Discontinued Kodak DVD+R / Need Replacement (7/22/2006 6:20:49 AM)

Hi friend! I think that several users can help you out choosing a proper online shop to buy your media

Synetech -> RE: ? Discontinued Kodak DVD+R / Need Replacement (7/22/2006 10:26:17 PM)

Like I said, I'm not crazy about buying online, but I suppose it's better to be sure the discs will last.  I'd appreciate any help/info; that's why I came here.

Thanks a lot.

franz99 -> RE: ? Discontinued Kodak DVD+R / Need Replacement (7/23/2006 3:15:43 AM)


Synetech -> RE: ? Discontinued Kodak DVD+R / Need Replacement (7/23/2006 10:55:34 AM)


ORIGINAL: franz99

Thanks for the tip but that's a bit out of the way; I'm in Canada.  I was happy about the Kodaks from Futureshop because they shipped for free (and I thought that they were good discs [:@])

Synetech -> RE: ? Discontinued Kodak DVD+R / Need Replacement (8/21/2006 5:24:08 PM)

What about DVD+RWs?  Does anyone know if these: http://www.cuttingedgecomputers.ca/shopexd.asp?id=272 are any good?  They used to carry 10-packs of HP DVD+RWs for the same price; I got one and it's been very good so far.

adiadidas -> RE: ? Discontinued Kodak DVD+R / Need Replacement (8/21/2006 5:58:36 PM)

I cannot help on that sorry but i was always curius why shoudl somebody use +rw media?

Synetech -> RE: ? Discontinued Kodak DVD+R / Need Replacement (8/21/2006 8:23:06 PM)

I know hat you mean, sometimes I wonder that myself but there's definitely reason for it.  I'm sure there's plent of other reasons, but I can tell you what I've got on my CDRWs/DVD+RWs.

The main reason I use DVD+RWs is for backup.  I make regular backup images of my data drive so I have 600MB+ files piling up.  I want to keep them around for as long as possible but don't need them forever.  To avoid wasting space on my drives, I put them on DVD+RWs.  That way, I have them for a while but don't waste a DVD+R since I don't need it forever.  I used to do this with CDRWs until the images got too big.

I also use DVD+RWs for temporary storage of movies.  Sometimes I'll copy a movie to DVD+RW for my mother to watch then put burn another movie for her when she's done.  There's no reason to keep them since it's just so that she can see it once (sometimes not even that), like television.  Same with games.  I don't like to use my good discs, especially since it might take a few weeks to get through a game and I leave it in the drive the whole time, so I'll copy it to a rewritable and play off that until I'm done.

Another thing is for testing.  If I am going to burn something that I'm not sure about, that I'm not certain will work, I'll test it on a CDRW/DVD+RW first.

My most important use for them is as boot disks.  I've got a bunch of tools/utilities/programs/etc. that make my life easier, and I've created a system that will allow me to quickly and easily build and burn a DOS boot disk with the latest versions of all the data and applications I've selected (the DVD version of it also includes copies of my latest data and OS backups as well.)  I certainly don't need to keep these forever, since the data and software will be outdated soon, so rewritables are perfect for this.

Finally there's simple storage.  Sometimes I run low on hard drive space and erasable discs are a great way to make some room for a while (sometimes I have to burn a disc to make space so that I can burn a disc) or just place files on that I don't want to bother with but don't want to just delete either.

Re-writable discs are invaluable when you need them.  [sm=scatter.gif]


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