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As more and more user using the DVDr and CDr to store there Data and files, to seek a proper cdr and dvdr storage cover is becoming more and more important, that is why We need so many DVD Case and CD Case here, But As we know the DVD Case normally made of PP/Poly also we can say polypropylene, also the color can be black,Clear and also other color such as green red and so on,But some of the users may be noted that the price beteen Black color case and the clear color case is different!! Why?
the reason is//// Black Poly Cases are using recycle material and Clear Cases Are using Raw material/virgin material.
Some of the DVD Case using 100% recycle material this kind of dvd case with a hard smell, and some of the DVD Case is using mixed material with a light smell. but 100% raw material will be no smell.
As the PP DVD Case and Poly CD Case material price is related in to the petrol price. so if the petrol price going up the PP DVD Case price will be going up too.
Here is the main problem with why,,,, Black DVD Case is cheaper than clear DVD Case.
I will come back tomorrow and give u more info about CD Jewel Case.

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