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Schwarz -> Game ripping. (6/1/2006 8:20:56 PM)

Hi I am new to the forums I should post in the new member posts but I would like to ask a question first.

Its really nothing much but I was wondering as of right now wich drive performs better then the others in ripping games and audio cd.
I have looked at most reviews so far and theres a samsung one that seams good but I would really like to have people`s opinion on this.
Anyways thanks in advance and ill see you guys on the forums. 

Schwarz -> RE: Game ripping. (6/6/2006 1:46:57 AM)

I posted this almost a week ago and its still there with no answer.
Is there anyone on these forums or is this site abandoned

Big Witty -> RE: Game ripping. (6/6/2006 5:42:53 AM)

Dude, your question is a bit you know... [&:] it's not like that's all your going to be doing with your drive. Find a drive with good reviews and you're set. There's plenty of review sites out there that can help. It's pretty hard to go wrong with optical drives these days especially if you're buying from a reputable brand and dealer. Just google some drives for reviews or search through some sites. Good luck.


Schwarz -> RE: Game ripping. (6/7/2006 4:28:08 AM)

Nah man I was just asking wich drives perform better with the latest protections and all.
I would have appreciated an answer or an opinion of some sort but hey whatever...

MP3Mogul -> RE: Game ripping. (6/7/2006 6:58:05 PM)

The absolute best way to do, is choose a few drives that you are interested in.  Then go to our review section, and all of the information you are asking is posted in the reviews.

After reading them, you can make a nice "informed" decision on which drive.  I say this, because different users will recommend drives, which are all pretty good now, as mentioned above, just read the review for the drives you are intereseted in and then choose which one best suits your personal lifestyle. [:D][;)]

emperor -> RE: Game ripping. (6/9/2006 3:29:30 AM)

It all depends at what is more important for you, thats why we suggest to read the reviews and see which drive performs best at which section

Schwarz -> RE: Game ripping. (6/10/2006 2:57:08 AM)

Cant you guys just give me the drive that has the most ``stars`` for Protected Discs
 in your reviews...
Or maybe im asking too much to you guys.
The Samsung SH-W163A is a good drive that I would buy but I cant find it anywhere here in Canada...
I guess ill see if there anything about the 162...

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