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freelance -> iPod question (5/26/2006 9:09:41 AM)

Hi there!
What should be done with protected wma's???
I've purchased an iPod & started to buy music on-line... but it can't be played with it because of  DRM protection!
Thanx for any suggestions!

SithTracy -> RE: iPod question (5/26/2006 4:09:48 PM)

I suggest Tunebite or some other "legal" (okay - that is a grey area) way of re-recording your protected files into Mp3's for the iPod.

Not sure if Winamp plays protected audio, but it used to have a wav_out.dll plugin that would dump what you play to a wav file... you could then convert that to m4a or mp3...

ganja -> RE: iPod question (5/27/2006 10:25:06 AM)

I just like Soundtaxi) I tried TuneBite, but ST's much faster - up to 15x converting speed on my notebook!!! [8D]

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