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Subatomic -> External HD problem (4/7/2004 8:46:02 PM)

I have been using an external HD (HD in an enclosure kit) for my copying purposes never had a problem out of it until now. The problem is that my computer will only recongnize it as a "CD" not as a "CD-RW" drive (before it clearly showed 2 drives CD and CD-RW). I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling but it changes nothing. I have ssearched for drivers and found what I needed but still nothing. I have not installed any new programs or removed any programs. I have even checked the device manager and it says the device is "working" but I can not "burn" any CDs. I checked my properties dialog and found that the recording section is missing. What could I have done that changed my computer. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks in advance for any help.

vbguru_12000 -> RE: External HD problem (4/7/2004 9:15:13 PM)

Do you feel the hard-drive is somehow related?

from Syber at Clone.cd

its possible the burn part of the laser is inoperable if the drive is old...rendering it as a cdrom[V]

How old is the drive?

Subatomic -> RE: External HD problem (4/7/2004 9:57:43 PM)

The device worked well just two-four days ago. I plugged it into my hub and all of a sudden it was not a "CD-RW" it was a "CD". I would have to say it is maybe a year old. It is a NEC CD-RW 9100. I have even unplugged the device and tried it on another computer that said the same thing both computers are running OS WinXP and both are Dell computers (same type of CD drive also). If it is not the HD then what on my computer do I need to change if anything? [V]

vbguru_12000 -> RE: External HD problem (4/7/2004 11:18:31 PM)

Sounds like a failing drive. Your only possibility would be to upgrade the firmware. You can figure out how to do this on your drive manufactur's site.

Subatomic -> RE: External HD problem (4/7/2004 11:58:11 PM)

I have already downloaded the firmware that you mentioned so I guess it is time for a new CD-RW device. [V]

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vbguru_12000 -> RE: External HD problem (4/8/2004 12:56:27 AM)

Might I suggest either the LTR-52327s or the Asus CRW-5232AS. Both are capable of backing-up the newest copy protections including Safedisc 3.1

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