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nhaque -> Gigabeat X30 user manual (5/12/2006 2:49:06 AM)

Hi, I have bought a 30gb Toshiba's Gigabeat X30 hdd player. As I bought it from Japan, the user manual is in Japanese, and I couldn't manage to get the English one. Can anybody provide me the user manual of Gibabeat X30 (in English), it would be a great help. My hotmail add. is
Looking forward for response.

Jeff Rod -> RE: Gigabeat X30 user manual (5/20/2006 10:20:36 PM)

Yea I need help I have a gigabeat f40 and I cant put pictures on it I need help anyone please I know that I have to drag the picture from the photo thing in the tools but the gigabeat icon is not highlighted anyone help pm me or reply please

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