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rd80228 -> Skipping towards the end of a burnt CD (5/9/2006 5:24:11 PM)

Hi all
I've been having this problem most of my "CD burning career" (all of the past couple of months) and figured it was time to sort it out.

Doesn't seem to matter what CD-Burner I use, and it doesn't seem to matter if I do an "exact copy" or burn the original to the hard drive first and then burn a copy - but I always seem to end up with CD copies that skip and jump towards the end of the CD - say the last track or two.  The beginning of the CD is fine - just the end.

I've used iTunes, Sonic RecordNow, WindowsXP MediaPlayer and all seem to cause me greif.  I've got some (supposedly) good quality Verbatim Multi-Use CD-R's and have been burning them at 12x.  The burnt copy skips and jumps in any player I put it in.

Am I doing something obviously wrong?
Thank you for your assistance

SithTracy -> RE: Skipping towards the end of a burnt CD (5/9/2006 6:47:07 PM)

First thing I would do is see if there is a firmware update for the recording drive I am using... Then I would insure I am not running any heavy I/O or any virus scanning tools while I am burning a disc... Tell us more about your system and burner.

rd80228 -> RE: Skipping towards the end of a burnt CD (5/9/2006 8:33:06 PM)

Hi SithTracy

The burner is a "Lite-On DVD+RW SOHW-802S" (or at least that's what the hardware profile says).  And I always ensure the only thing running when I'm burning a CD is the burner s/ware.

I have Trend Micro Office Scan running as the anti-virus s/ware.  Would it be wise to shut that off while burning a CD?

Computer is an AMD Athlon XP +3200 with 512ram and is running Windows XP Home edition. 


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