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paldrive -> Help for a newbie (4/2/2004 1:34:15 PM)

Please forgive my silly question but I cannot really understand:
I transferred some files using incd on a cdrw (I'm using win2000 and a cd writer that cannot burn MRW).
Then i took the cd to my office but my pc cd-rom did not read it (win2000 as well).
Now I ask: does Incd burn cds that can be swapped among pcs where Incd is not installed? Or do I have to install some kind of driver or reader in order to allow cd-roms to read those cds?
Or did I have to finalize the cdrw?
Thankyou very much!

sp_admin -> RE: Help for a newbie (4/2/2004 2:30:27 PM)

I do not know for sure myself, but Ant tells me that you do not need a specific reading driver. I remember also in the past (in fact far past) when these drivers were necessary (for example DirectCd on Win98) the driver was also included in the disc and there was an option for automatically installing it through AutoRun.

If I am correct on all this, then please first try a diferent brand of media.

I hope someone more knowledgable on this issue might like to help us here.

dburg -> RE: Help for a newbie (4/12/2004 3:15:16 PM)

InCD (version 4) writes legacy CD-RW with UDF 1.50 which is natively supported by Windows 2000 so no additional reader is required to access the data.

Could it be that the cd-rom drive at the office has trouble with rewritable media or with packet-writing formated media? Any fw update available?

Cal 01 -> RE: Help for a newbie (5/8/2004 12:57:35 AM)

If you didn't close your CD "Session" on that disc then other drives won't be able to read it! You must close the writing session first!

dburg -> RE: Help for a newbie (5/11/2004 2:23:49 AM)

Packet-writing media are not recorded in session - hence you have no session to close.

A DVD+RW, CD-MRW, or DVD-RW could had its track open (power-down interrupted background format for instance), but here, paldrive is using a (legacy) CD-RW which thus should be one single track for the entire media which cannot be open.

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