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sunfire -> DVD Player freezes (5/4/2006 3:48:29 PM)

Well i master this one coarse on DVD.  It first starts off with a disclaimer as the introductory video and then goes into the menu.  The menu has 2 videos to choose from.  I master 15 DVDs similar to this and 6 of them wouldn't work.  Well, they wouldn't work in a standand DVD Player, but they will work in computer.  When you put the good ones in, they go through the disclaimer, then to the menu and you can click and watch both videos.  With the bad ones, as soon as you put the DVD in, it skips the disclaimer and goes directly to the menu screen.  Then when i click on one of the videos, it freezes the DVD player up and will not respond.  What would this issue be caused from?  I do not want to re-dub hours of footage just to remaster.  How could i fix this problem?

Antonio -> RE: DVD Player freezes (5/5/2006 1:38:03 AM)

It could be many things...the burner, the media, writing quality...etc

Which burner and what media exactly did you use for this?

emperor -> RE: DVD Player freezes (5/5/2006 6:40:51 AM)

DVD Remake could fix this, something happened wrong with the DVD authoring software

sunfire -> RE: DVD Player freezes (5/5/2006 8:38:08 AM)

I am using Sony DVD Architect 3.0 with Pioneer DVD-RW DVR-109 and a standard printable DVD-R.  I tried remastering and now it will not play the second video.
Whats the DVD Remake?

sunfire -> RE: DVD Player freezes (5/5/2006 10:17:48 AM)

I am thinking that there is something wrong with the Video_TS files or the backup files.  What i did was extract those video_ts files off the dvd data backup disc i had....but they are in 3 sections and i can't put them together without having that little glitch in between the videos....(how could i extract the full video???thats another question) but anyways, i re-rendered those videos into the full lenth and used that to remaster the dvd.  Everything worked correctly.  Now, since i used the same video for the project, i tried to mix-match the video_ts files from the new master and replace them with the old.  Well, i got the first problem fixed...it doesn't freeze...however it goes through the first video, then will not play the second.  I'm not that fimilar with the ifo backup files or anything thing like that....  I guess i'm just left with re-dubbing in the footage.

The other question above:  I can extract all the videos off the dvd, but they are in sections and i can't put them together without that lil glitch in between them.....how could i solve that?

emperor -> RE: DVD Player freezes (5/8/2006 4:48:18 AM)

DVD Remake is a software, try using google.com to find it

sunfire -> RE: DVD Player freezes (5/8/2006 11:35:22 AM)

I just download DVD Remake 3.5.  I can import the dvd fine.....i wouldn't know how to fix the problem tho or where to start.  But anyways...every time i try and export DVD...it begins the process but then give me that application error and needs to close.  Don't know why this would do that, but what could be the problem?

emperor -> RE: DVD Player freezes (5/10/2006 7:47:36 AM)

no idea, i haven't used it, why you don't email developer?

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