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Zebadee -> Official New f/w 1640/1650/1655 (5/2/2006 12:43:57 AM)

Hi [:)]
BenQ believes all good things come in three.

All three give same reason for release:
Release Reason :
Update Writing Strategy

SithTracy -> RE: Official New f/w 1640/1650/1655 (5/2/2006 8:07:57 AM)

With all the news that LITE-ON was taking over BenQ ODD, I never expected to see another firmware for the DW1640.

Thanks Z.

MP3Mogul -> RE: Official New f/w 1640/1650/1655 (5/2/2006 5:41:16 PM)

I didn't either!  WOW what a surprise! [:D]

arossetti -> RE: Official New f/w 1640/1650/1655 (5/9/2006 11:31:06 AM)

Pleasant surprise indeed for us 1640 owners.  Now if they'll just release a FW for the 1670 I picked up at Staples for nothing ($29.98 after rebate, less a $30 rewards check)...

Nelson8 -> RE: Official New f/w 1640/1650/1655 (5/9/2006 11:12:35 PM)

This is really cool .... didn't expect to them to make up another firmware update effort for the DW1640.

TQ BenQ [:)]

arossetti -> RE: Official New f/w 1640/1650/1655 (5/10/2006 11:41:27 AM)

Oh well.  I'm not too thrilled with the 1640 update.  Still having speed fluctuations on reading, and the burns are a step down from BSOB and BSLB.  I'm going to flash back.

Zebadee -> RE: Official New f/w 1640/1650/1655 (5/10/2006 3:10:43 PM)

Hi [:)]
Just thought I'd throw my hat into the ring. The latest f/w for all three models (1640/1650/1655) has I believe a new algorithm for SolidBurn. This results in a learning curve that is more gradual than previous. Hence initial response is poor by comparison. Stick with it & it's probably a fair amount better. This doesn't ironically mean that I'm recommending you upgrade. This is because if SB is enabled for known media it's longer to learn (increases the number of 'wasted discs' during this process). Is more descriminating on fresh batches of the same media (even new tubs of the same batch). Is more sensitive to rogue discs throwing the learning process off track. Hence results do seem to lack the consitancy achieved with earlier f/w.These suggestions as to what's going on, are what appears to me to be happening. So speculation nothing more. To see if there's anymore substance in my suggestions, more time needed. So unless you like playing around with different f/w & media, it may pay to hold back. For now anyway.

arossetti -> RE: Official New f/w 1640/1650/1655 (5/11/2006 9:16:32 AM)


As always, your insight is greatly appreciated!

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