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qabala -> Burning Multimedia in track 0 (4/28/2006 11:06:57 AM)

I want to make an audio CD that also plays video in a DVD player, but I don't want the awful noise of a mixed-mode CD. I think I can do this by burning the video portion in track 0. I can't figure out how to burn into track 0 using Easy CD Creator 6. Does anyone have any suggestions?


Antonio -> RE: Burning Multimedia in track 0 (4/29/2006 6:08:41 AM)

Awful noise? Is there any chance this to be a reason of a bad writing? What drive and disc did you use?

emperor -> RE: Burning Multimedia in track 0 (5/5/2006 6:53:50 AM)

you can only do this by using a Mixed Mode disc

Matthew -> RE: Burning Multimedia in track 0 (5/5/2006 5:09:00 PM)

Track 0 (pregap) is difficult to do, and fell out of favour as it also tends to be problematic in some readers.

The other way is "enhanced CD" - a variation of "CD Extra", though CD extra is more specific in format.

Enhanced is audio in session one, data in session 2 - SAO mode is required for the first session, if you want gapless tracks.

Won't help with a standalone DVD player though, as that is liakely to read the first session only, same as an audio player.

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